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With Warm Home Comforts International (WHCI), and our Ready Made Housing Lease Partnership Program (RMHLPP),  you can now forget the time consuming and stressful job of finding tenants for your property. WHCI becomes the property owner's partner in maximizing their return on investment (ROI). We do this through efficient performance and act in the best interests of the property owner at all times.

We work directly with property owners to lease, furnish, manage and maintain their property, we sign a 6 or 12-month lease and a management agreement. We pay rents on the first of each calendar month through direct deposit. You can always rely on professionalism and efficiency from the team at WHCI. We go above and beyond for you!

WHCI pays upfront to become your tenant today. We lease your property to high quality, short-term guests we find using advanced screening technologies.

Being a "WHCI" property owner means more than leasing us your property. You’ll benefit from marketing and management to cleaning, maintenance and insurance. It's controlled, safe, secure, free of charge as well as financially rewarding to the property owner.  For accounting purposes, WHCI requires direct deposit be established.  

Short-term rental is huge, even bigger than you might imagine it

to be!

Group housing and the sharing economy ecosystem wasn’t valued at $30 billion dollars in 2016 by providing a service people didn’t want. So it’s not surprising to see upstarts looking to capitalize on many of the qualities — instant community, flexible time commitments and nicely equipped spaces — that are desirable to dedicated travelers, digital nomads and young adults who have yet to settle down. has identified at least a half-dozen companies that have raised good-sized seed and early-stage rounds in the past year with a temporary housing focus. 

Probably the biggest early-stage funding recipient is, which raised a $13.5 million Series A round in June 2017 to build out a platform for short-term rentals that allows revenue sharing for residents and building owners.

Other funded companies include, an urban group housing provider; Bedly.comfocused on short- and flexible-term furnished housing; and,  

 focused on shared housing for working professionals.

Travelers now have a choice to stay someplace other than a​ hotel!

Just 10 years ago, hotels were the only solution for travelers  needing a room for one to three nights, or even a short-term stay. Not any more! Now, more and more travelers opt to stay in a furnished private residence instead of a hotel.

Homeowners all across the globe are opening up their private homes and getting involved in creative ways. For example, taking a spare bedroom in their home and allowing guests to stay there for a few nights. Many provide a cooked meal or offer coffee and donuts in the morning, giving it a bed and breakfast type of feeling.

Investors are turning studio, one and two bedroom apartments into luxury furnished suites for this reason, which maximizes their ROI substantially over what market rents produce.

Current trends depicts property owners leasing their rental properties to property management firms under the sole legal discretion and permission of renting and managing their property usually at extended periods. However, WHCI assists with short-term stays, at no out-of-pocket cost to the property owner.

Not to Worry, We Protect your Investment and your bottom line!

Your Asset is Protected! We replace your door locks with a wi-fi compatible digital smart lock. For security purposes a key is kept in a lockbox at our corporate office, and the property owner will have the other key, giving them a peace of mind. Everyone who enters the property can be traced through our secure online security and tracking service.

Additionally, guests are issued a four digit access code at check-in, the code is deactivated when guests check out, just like that of a hotel check in and out process. Our professional cleaning and maintenance teams are each issued their own code.  At the end of the lease term the property owner gets to keep the digital smart lock free of charge.

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